I don't know if this goes here but


My app I use for my covers and things like that is not working right! :frowning: I am looking for something else to use! If any one can give me some sites or apps I can use that would be great! I’m trying to make myself something right now and can’t because I can’t get my app to work!


Canva? Its free x


Thank you I will check it out!


If you don’t mind me asking, what app is it?


I used Picsart for a lot of what I did but it is not working right know and I’m hoping they will fix it soon!


Oh! Yes, let’s hope that gets fixed soon! :wink:
I use PicMonkey, Bazart, and PicsArt (Not anymore I guess.)


It may work for you it’s just the text part of it that don’t work any more!!


Oh, well if you need to add any text, I use adobe sparkpost :grin:


oh…Thank you so much!


I use ibisPaint X also but still learning how to use it!


Bish, I tried Ibis but I just CANNOT understand it. :joy:


I did this on there (No credit for the hair or sink color)
But I added eye shadow and tried to make it look like eye lashes and changed the shirt and shorts! I’m getting the hang of it but it has tacking me a while!