I don't know im changing my mind alot

I know I promised not to change their storyline again, or any of my other stories, but I just don’t feel like Katelyn and Caleb belong in the mafia world. No, I’ve never done research on mafias. I thought it was cool back then when I was in middle school, but I’ve changed. I’ve evolved. I’ve grown. I’m a grown woman now, and I feel like their story should be different! Maybe they meet somewhere else. Katelyn’s current boyfriend cheats on her, and she wants to leave and take her mother with her. They go to Washington. (Plus, I’m tired of not knowing how to make it perfect.) They planned a vacation but can’t cancel it. He doesn’t go because he doesn’t want to be around her. Katelyn goes and takes her mom with her because why the hell not? Then, she sees a little girl who’s lost, and so on.

If you wanna do that, you’d have to rewrite the whole story. Depending on how many episodes you have, it’d be very easy or difficult.

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Make some rough notes in WordPad. Plots, characters, time, etc. Put all of your ideas into one note, then start thinking about each one, what works and what doesn’t work. Who “fits” in with the story and who doesn’t.

Gradually, you can begin to scrap the ideas you no longer like until you’re left with the ones you do.

Then, if it isn’t too much, try to write the first Episode with the rough idea(s) you have left, then preview it yourself on the app. What you enjoy about it - add in your rough note. What you would change - add in your rough note and so forth.

Go back to your original story and read it all through again if possible, adding into your rough notes what you liked about it and would like to keep in/implement in the rewritten version.

It’s perfectly normal to look back on your old work and no longer enjoy it, but you can rewrite it again with your more grown up mind. Think of when a singer/band decides to revisit a song and they release a reimagined version. That’s what you can do with your story!


Thank you I appreciate the advice and take it into concideration even though my fans won’t be happy sometimes we all grow and wanna do something else! they may be pissed but hey I’m trying to do what I love! which is writing it always will and has been my favorite thing in the world

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