I don't know what I'm doing wrong

I want my character to walk a certain spot while doing an action but when it does it stops the action while walking (if you know what I mean)
This is what I put
&MAN walks to spot 1.280 288 36 AND MAN does it while text_phone_neutral_loop AND MAN faces right

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@MAN walks to spot 1.280 288 36 AND MAN is text_phone_neutral_loop AND MAN faces right

I’m pretty sure you need to use a walk animation otherwise your characters will glide. Is this what you mean?

It still does that

i dont think you can do anything else while walking, just the walking animations. its pretty lame.

You can my other characters can do it but I don’t why this character is not

oh okay. are you writig in ink?


oh okay, i was jw. i havent written a full script in ink. for your other characters, were they spot directed too? maybe that matters? is the code the same for the other characters?

The others characters are doing the same code but different actions but this character won’t

hmm… sorry i couldnt be of more help. maybe @Apes can help?

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can you post more script? is your character doing an action after walking?

It’s Leo who I’m having trouble

It’s starts on the bottom

Nevermind lol

is it working now? :slight_smile:

No I thought it the pictures were all mixed up sorry

what’s after the walking commands?

They stay in the exact spot where I told them to go it that what you meant?

did you try to use @ instead of &? I think he’s doing some action after that’s why he can’t finish the walking one