I don't know what I'm doing




What? Lol


I wanted to start writing a story


What genre?


Probably romance


I don’t know what I’m doing either, I’m trying to write my first episode, but I’m clueless. Can anyone give me some pointers?


Love romance lol


You got to have insperation to keep writing for sure lol. Also make your first episode long and eye catching also a cover should catch an eye


I planned the whole story out, I just don’t know how to write a script




Like directing them?




There are some post where people are doing like a writing partner thing you might be able to find someone who can do the directing while you do the writing. Or if you need little help once in a while I can most likely help. On insta I am helping someone with some directing once in a while


Ok, when I start a story what does INT mean?


INT is interior
Like INT.kitchen
Is exterior


Oh ok




Want to write a story together?


I have no clue what I’m doing


Neither do I lol