I don't know what the problem is, please help!

I’m trying to make an beginning of a story with customisation. However I get some errors (looking like this)

And when I then try to preview it all goes smooth until the 2nd character (Becca) should get customised. When you press “done”, instead of the character walking of the screen the character BEFORE (Gia) walks of the screen again from behind Becca with the previous narrator bubble saying “gorgeous! ;)”.

When the wrong character (Gia) has walked of the screen it goes back to when Becca enters the screen again and was going to get customised (so it starts over) and it keeps repeating like that on the same scene.

Idk what’s wrong, I’ll put the script down below for you to see.

Thank you for your help!

For your second character, have you used the same template? If so, you need to change the names of the labels or else it will keep taking you to the first round of CC that you have in your script

I’m sure I used the right template but I can check in case.

Sorry, I mean did you use the exact same template? Copy and paste the same labels?

If you’re doing two CC’s in the same episode, it won’t let you have duplicate labels (hence the warning)
So you would need to change the second CC’s labels to fem_light_6_1 for example

I used the right template for each character
But it stands like this in the 2nd characters customisation template:

Oh, ok, I’ll try that!

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Good luck

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But how to I prevent from this happening again? How do I make a CC and directly create another and not use the same template?


Luckily, Dara has been really helpful and done all the hard work for us, so if you use her templates, you won’t face this problem again. Check it out below

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That’s what I did. I used her template and chose the character I wanted to be able to do a CC on. But I got these errors :frowning:

But did you choose the second template for your second character? Each template has different labels

Ok, now I understand, thank you so much for your help!

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No worries. Good luck with your story :blush:

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Thank u! <3

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Solved and closed. :smiley: