I don't know what to do anymore

I seriously don’t know what to do anymore, my story has been out for 3 days I only have 5 reads… I know that’s not a long time but I just don’t know what to do I feel so unmotivated to finish the story… I’m trying to be patient but I ran out of ideas on how to promote it.


Hi there! It can be a bit discouraging at first, but it takes time. Although I haven’t finished mine yet, I suggest promoting your story on forum threads, making an insta, or doing contest for character add ins. Maybe take a couple days away from the screen, and maybe the numbers will go up. Don’t lose hope yet. I believe in you :grin: :+1:t5:!


Try promoting it on other apps
Like insta :blush:

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What’s your story?


The quest: A warriors blood can you please tell me if I can do something to make it better


Didn’t work

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I’m sorry, episode really doesn’t have much stuff for new stories and i feel your struggles…
They should update the new section :pensive:


I’ll read your story and send you a PM about it. :+1:

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I-… Thank you! :pleading_face:

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I’m annoyed that people are reading my story even when I said not to! I don’t want to waist people’s time :pleading_face:. But don’t worry, I was you back when I started. But trust me keep updating it, do it because you enjoy it not reads. Slowly and patiently you’ll get reads! Take time to make it your best work! Best advice my English teacher told was “Live your story”. Might sound confusing but he was trying to say do it because you enjoy it! Best of luck!


Jeje btw i love your story!

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Reading immediately. Are you on instagram?

Aww, don’t lose hope. If you want i could read it and maybe send you a PM about it as well as, recommend it to some friends.

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You people are honestly too kind :pleading_face::pleading_face:

Thank you I really needed that :blush::purple_heart:

I’d absolutely love that!

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send your instagram name

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epy.lilly3, I honestly just want you to enjoy it I don’t want pity

I am sorry, I tried to explain why you might not have reads, but I feel like it comes of more as a rude rant than actual help. which is why I have hidden and say read it if you want too. reason I still post it is that what I say is true , but I know I am not good at saying things in a nice way and some people can’t handle that, while others can,


listen getting reads on episode is very hard,

speaking for my own story . it has gotten tons of shares, been promoted by others and myself, I have done so much r4r, its a really good story. I still struggle to get reads. I only got a little over 300, if you compare to how much I work on this, that is very little for a story which have been out in mounths

we all strugle, you can not expect to get 100 of reads in a couple of days, have you done anything to promote your story, I am here daily and read almost evry forum, and I am sorry to say other than an r4r, which you didnt promote that well, I havent seen you promote your story, ofcourse dont spam people

when promoting you need to tell what your story is about and why they should read it, because almost evryone arent gonna look at a title, and go yeah I am gonna go read that.

and no one will just stumple apon your story in the app, that dosent happen because the app suck when it comes to been a new author,

I dont know if you have an insta, but if you do are you promoting your story there,

and even if you do evrything to promote you will still struggle to get reads