I don't know what to do: Error 67!

Ok, so recently I’ve been trying to work on my next story. But I keep getting the “error 67” above the little review screen. And is getting really annoying!
Here’s physical proof of my situation:

And I was thinking that maybe it had to do with my script.
So here’s a picture of that: 08

I am copying this into my portal but first thing I saw was a little 'and before STELLA faces left, on the first line? Maybe that is it, I will keep copying it and then I will test it and see for myself.

Also did you intend on having 2 pause for a beats 1 after the other, if you want longer you just need to put a number like @pause for 1 or 2.

Okay so I went previewed it line by line and it comes up at the end the transition line, I have a feeling its the time duration number, you have 0 for a fade out you need to at least give a number higher than 0, if you want it as a flash, then you can use 0.75 or something like that. Also just another thing, stop can’t be in capitals as the portal picks that as a character, I would use some text effects like outline and animation. I hope that helped!

@transition fade out black in 0” is not a valid directing command.

You cannot use the number zero. You can use 0.001 though. Plus, You cannot use “in”.

Try putting this instead:

@transition fade out black 0.001

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Yes, you can put in.

@transition fade out black in 0.001 works.

LOL I noticed that once I posted it :joy: But thanks for the tips guys

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You can use 0, it works for me. Just don’t put the word ‘IN’ between ‘black’ and ‘0’

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The problem wasn’t mine, it was Maria.F.V ‘s. But anyway, thanks for letin’ us know.

I tried that but it didn’t work. No matter what I do, it doesn’t work.

Why would the transition even be written in it’s in 0 - that means it never happens?

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@CoraMae 's right. If the transition happens in… 0 seconds, no one will notice it, so there is no point in coding a transition command there at all.

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