I don't know what to do for my small cover can someone help me?


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What’s the story summary?

It’s about ten teenagers five college students and five senior year students. and one killer. They’re trapped in the killer’s mansion and their task is to get out of the house. The catch is they play games and if a person loses they die.

Hmmm 1) You could code a scene, take a screenshot and add some text. 2) You could browse some art shops on the forums and a submit a request to one that is open/has work that you like. 3) Commission an art piece from an artist.

Are you planning to make it yourself or have someone do it for you? I had an idea but idk if it will work-- do you have a big cover? It’d help to know if my idea would work in concert with your big (main) cover. :slight_smile:

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I would take your idea. What is it?

No I don’t have a big cover yet.

I was thinking that you could do like a blurred classroom with a desk (that’s not blurred), a stack of books and like a knife angled like it’s “stabbed” into a desk. <<< since your cast is made up of college students and high schoolers and you said

Not sure if you can have a knife on your cover but I’ve seen covers with characters posing with guns so I can’t imagine that a knife would get declined.

For a large cover you could do the MC in the foreground, the rest of the cast spread out in the background and do like a school building as the background and like a shadow figure partially hidden (or make it semi-see through and put it like a shadow is being cast on the scene.

Idk, it just popped into my head :person_shrugging:

Would it look better if the classroom was replaced with like a house??

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That would work. I’d change the desk to more of a office style or to a table of some kind (end table, kitchen table, home office desk something like that) to match with the ‘style’ of the room background.
If that makes sense? Like you wouldn’t have a student/school desk in a living room lol

Yh that would make sense.
Could you make those covers for me, please?
I’d give you the character details.

I’m not good with cover art, sorry. I wish I were. lol I would suggest taking the ideas to one of the many art shops in the Art Resources section. There are a ton of amazing creators that will do a much better job than I could. :slight_smile:

But thanks for the idea.
You’re a lifesaver

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