I don't know what to do, please help?!

I went on Episode (like I often do) and to my horror… all of the progress that I made with all of the stories I’ve read is gone. It won’t even save my progress when I try to re-read a story. I’m honestly so frustrated and annoyed right now. I tried to delete the app and redownload it, but that didn’t make a single difference. If it’s relevant: This happened on my phone. I already sent Episode a support ticket. Just ugh, I hope this won’t be permanent. I’ve read so many stories and I don’t want to have to start over with them. :weary: If my Episode app will even be able to begin saving my progress again. Of all the freaking glitches to happen… oh my god I’m mad and stressed right now.

Has anyone else had this happen to them? If so, what did you do? :sweat:

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Does this always happen? o.o Oh my that sucks ;_;

Did you make sure you were still signed in to your account on the app?

Same is happening to me. -…- saw a new ch. of Wicked Sins was out, clicked on the story to find out all of my progress was gone. Dx i sent out a ticket and they said to uninstall and reinstall. It didnt do anything. Also the app keeps making me sign back in everytime i exit it. Super sucks since i paid for a 30 day unlimited pass. -…-

Yes, I did… I got a response from Episode and I had to delete the app for the time being because apparently, they need to manually fix it. I just hope they don’t take too long!

I ended up getting a message back from them. They told me to delete the app and they have to manually fix it. If I were you, I’d message them again and tell them that deleting and reinstalling didn’t work. They’ll probably want to do the same with your game as they’re doing with mine.

Man that sucks, I hope they can resolve it for you soon.

I replied to them when their “manual reset” didnt work :frowning: no reply yet. Maybe cuz its the weekend. Hopefully i get word from them on monday.

My favorites were replaced with stories I have already read and when I try to erase them they just reappear. I’ve read that there is no way to reset my app to start fresh without resetting my whole phone. Please help.

Did you get any help I’m having the same problem put in a support ticket and they told me the same I told them it did not work and have not heard from anyone and it’s been 5 days