I don't know what to think

I don’t know what to think… My dad was sick all week and coughing up (he sounded like he was about to vomit out his lungs) Mom said he just wasn’t wearing a jacket in work, but today when I came home from school, I find out he was taken to hospital because he couldn’t breathe and they are taking tests on him to see if he has COVID-19. Is it bad, that I’m not worried, better, happy he’s gone? To justifiy myself, he’s a dick and pisses everyone in the family off. Should I feel pity for him at least?

EDIT: Doctors are telling him he has COVID-19 but my mom is not sure, we are going to buy him new clothes today, because they will BURN THE ONES HE HAS IN THE HOSPITAL. Can you believe it? Smh.


Family can be complicated. You’re not a bad person.
I’m actually more worried about you and your well-being at home. I hope you are not being mistreated.


I kinda understand how you feel :sweat_smile: Sometimes we don’t react to things the ~normal~ way society expects us to, and we’re often made to feel bad about it. In your case, I think your feelings are completely valid and justified. My only advice would be to try and understand that others in your family might feel differently about the situation and are having a harder time dealing with it than you do.

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Everyone is different.

I don’t wish covid or death on anyone. Even if they’re a jerk.

But if you don’t feel pity then don’t feel pity for him.

Just to clarify it’s okay to think these things especially if he treated you all wrong.


Naah, my father may be an old prick, but he would never lay a hand on me :ok_hand:

no, he is your dad, and if your happy he is gone from the house, he clearly is a very bad one.

well, he is not a daddy material, but I can’t blame him for all of it. But it would take me two days to explain why :joy:

? Did I do something or is it an expression? :smile:

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There was some guy that said he is an astrologer and giving you his phone number.
Looks like the mods deleted it

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Oh, probably some scamming bot :sweat_smile:

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