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Hey there, I’m Natalie. I’m new to this game and I’d like to start my own story, does anyone have any discarded ideas for me to use? It would be appreciated if you did.

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Hello Natalie, I had an Idea about a troubled guy going to a medium to get a reading and along the way he steals something important from her, she curses him and he slowly starts disappearing. like people that he grew up with starts forgetting who he is one by one and he starts vanishing off of pictures that he was in. The only way he can save his existence is to return what he stole, change his life, and go back to right all of his wrongs. Along the way he meets a girl and they get close enough for him to feel secure enough to tell her what’s going on and she starts helping him. If you like the idea you can have it and take it from there.



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you’re welcome

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I had a discarded idea about a story of a trouble detective named Douglas Ambrose. He was forced out of retirement due to overworking himself and ended up going through a downward spiral. Douglas has a loving wife but suffers a very mundane life. However one day, his ex-partner calls him needing his help as there is a dangerous serial killer on the loose. Douglas goes back to the Homicide Unit but this spells trouble as he ends up losing himself during the investigation.

The serial killer taunts Douglas and Douglas goes down a dark path - he starts an affair with his partner and starts to take drugs despite these dangerous habits his skills as a detective remain as sharp as ever. He manages to catch the killer but Douglas ends up losing everything including his lover, his wife and he quits his job.


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I have this idea that I won’t use since I don’t have a good plot.

It’s called Back In Black.

6 months after the disappearance of Hayley Monturo, teens start to go missing and are found dead. Soon after, you start receiving death threats. Can you crack the case before you’re next?