I don't know what's happening-

I don’t know if episode interactive had an update, but I’ve never seen this before, and it’s not working-

I can type the author bio, the description, the tags, author, title.
I can’t make characters, genre, completion status, episodes, outfits, none of that.

I have pressed “create new story” “start new story” but it wont work. I can go to notifications, log out, profile settings perfectly fine, but I can’t seem to do anything where I can actually create my story. :confused:

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Maybe try reseting your computer. Does your story have 3 episodes or more because you can’t publish if your story has less then 3 episodes and if each episode is less then 400 lines (you know the numbers on the side of the script page? That’s what I mean.)

I am not trying to publish them, and yes I know about the 400 lines thing. I’ll try restarting my computer now, thank you. :smile:

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Okay, ur welcome!

Aw, wait, it’s still not working-

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Yeah, it’s really strange, I’ve never seen this happen before and I’ve been on episode for like, 2 years.

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