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So if I find a poem online and I state who the poem is but am I allowed to use it? I need a love pome from a male character to the MC and I suck at poem’s.


Do you mean poem?
And I don’t really know if you should do that, I mean you can’t be that bad at writing them. I can help you come up with one if you’d like or just take the easy life and search for one.


Yes sorry was in a hurry when I made the thread.
Oh I am really really bad at poem’s like I almost did not pass that class in school lol.


You can use poems in your Episode stories, but I highly recommend that you credit the writer of the poem. If it is an older poem, I’m talking about poems like Shakespeare’s poems, it wouldn’t be as serious since his poems are known worldwide. But crediting them is still extremely important and it could be a large disrespect if you didn’t. Use a reader message if you have to.


Wait this is for Alone Until There Was You, sorry if I forgot the name ?


Oh I will (thats why i said state who its by, sorry should have said credit insted.) But thank you I wasn’t sure and it don’t need to be anything big. I just need something from the hart for my character to give the MC.


Alone Till There Was You is on hold due to me being stuck on it right know. I don’t know I think I moved to fast with it and started it the wrung spot of the story because it don’t really show Summers story very well. There is a lot I need to fix. But I have started another story right know called Loving Seth, chapter one is done and I am finshing chapter 2 know so that I can start on 3 tonight witch I need the poem for chapter 3.


I could help write a poem for you?

But im not that great lol

As beautiful as the moon’s beaming glow

As unique as a sunflower in a field of poppies


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