I don't like the new app picture of episode

I don’t approve the new app picture. Maybe they did it to make it more interesting because people today get tempted from those kind of images and the chance to give the app a try is bigger. I understand maybe this is not the reason. Maybe they just decided to change it because the old one was boring?
The reason is not important. The important thing is the message that it gives away. I don’t like the way that the girl is standing . I believe I’m not alone in this opinion because I know some episode users that find it disgusting, not suitable and even sexual.
I respect the artist. The art is great itself but not for episode. I respect that you spend time drawing it , I’m sorry about that. I think Episode owners should rethink their app picture and take it down for a new better picture.
I would appreaciate and it would mean a lot if you would consider this topic and don’t report me instead for being sincere.
Sincerely, your episode user.


lol it’s to promote the dirty dancing episode contest that just ended. They’ll change it back to whatever it was before or a new one once the whole thing is over.

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Really? I don’t now anything about dirty dancing episode contest. Damn I wrote all this thing for nothing. LOL.

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Haha no worries! I only know about it because I entered the contest myself. There’s a lot of great submissions and while mine doesn’t really compare, if you’d like, you can check it out on the app. It’s called Dancing for My Life :slight_smile:

I don’t find anything wrong with it, just because the girl’s making eye contact with the boy? It doesn’t it look sexual, the picture only looks sexual if you make it look sexual or wrong but it looks ok to me but that’s your opinion.


I respect your opinion. Thank you.

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Ikr , that thing is really inappropriate for young teenagers, why did they even wrote it 13+, it should be 15+, i really find it disgusting and i cant imagine for the youngs​:confused::confused:

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Exactly! !