I don't normally do this but is anyone an advanced coder and can help me with my first story

Sorry, I don’t understand.
Do you mean timed choices? Or are you talking about how long the background stays before it goes away?

It stays there until you put a new background in

Like make the background stay there for a very length on time

The background stays there until you insert a new one in

Thank you for sharing this !! I’m currently writing a story and I’m also a beginner and I’m doing my own coding! So reading this and seeing the little details is great ! <3.

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I’m a little bit lacking on updating the guide as of late as I have a 10,000 word dissertation to write for university, but feel free to drop me s message if theres something you want to know that’s not on there :slight_smile:

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hey! i am looking for a co-writer or a team to help write a story, the story will be a sequel to dirty business. :heart: I have an idea of what will happen in this story but as i am going back to school i no longer have that much time on my hands. This will be my first story so to be honest i have no clue what i am doing. If you can speak english, are interested in co-writing and coding this story with me let me know by replying to this comment or messaging me :blush: