I don't read community stories

Most of them are long, don’t make sense and are coded by totally horny teenagers who take every opportunity they can to add sex scenes to the story and the worst part is those are the stories that get featured well in the past not now I mean what the fuck is 51 episode I decided not to pay for the unlimited pass (If you think I’m an adult I’m not but You will not find out my age XD just a ton of gift cards) to finish that story it would take like 2 months because I have group projects to do by myself and a social life to juggle and exams, I can’t play episode 24/7 I mean gem choices may be ridiculous but at least the stories make virtual sense and are not just calibrated porn


Lol, this post :laughing: I agree with you. However, anybody who gets their story featured is 18 years and older. Most of the epyporn on here is by adults as well. Tragic, right?

Also, this is pretty much a giveaway of what age you might be.



silently cries…


I think it depends on what stories you read as I agree with you on some of the stories :thinking:
I honestly don’t read stories by Episode anymore as they are pretty cliche but if you don’t like the amount of sex scenes then I would avoid the romace section and now I think about it the action as well (since everything on there seems to be falling for the gang leader or something like that :roll_eyes:) but I wouldn’t give up on the community stories as there are where in my opinion most of the best stories are.


When I re-downloaded episode back in 2016, I felt this way too. The first two user stories that I read were awful so I was so turned off that I stuck solely to Episode originals (back then, INK was quite new so these were a mix of classic and INK).
There are some amazing user stories out there, but sometimes you need to know where to look. I rely mostly on recommendations and I usually check out contest entries (not just winners) as you can often find some unique stories there.


Well you have right to read what you want .
The original episode stories are bit “dumb” in my openion. But I fully get somebody likes them.
And the comunity stories - well there are like hundred thousands of comunity stories some short some lond some about sex some not some with good directing some not some with well writers skills some with not… it is not all the same. But of cause nobody forces you to find the one whih would satysfy your taste. If you are hapy with the episode stories so great for you :smiley:


Don’t be offended, but the Episode stories are really cliche and are sht. I only read Community stories. Not all of them have sx scenes and other censored stuff. This is also based on the genre, you’re reading. Most of the Fantasy, Adventure, Horror, and Thriller stories won’t have porn and stuff. They may contain a bit of romance, but that’s not a big deal. And as @EliseC suggested, check the contest entries. They are the best. Again, this is my opinion. Please don’t be offended.


My favorite stories are community stories. While you do have to weed through the top trending section to get past the sex filled cliche stories, there are many community authors that write better, more original stories than Episode featured stories.

Try stories by:


Speaking as someone who has read hundreds if not thousands of Community stories, they are more than what you’ve described. I’m certain there are stories you’ll wholeheartedly enjoy.

But if you’ve seen scenes that break the guidelines regarding Nudity / Sexual Content you can always report them to me in a private message :slight_smile:


Also, @JJ.Author & @amepisode


OMG… Yes!
How could I forget them?

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Also @JosephEvans as well, his stories are amazing!


If you’re after anything specific (e.g a certain genre, completed stories, choices that matter etc) you can always ask on the forums and I’m sure you’ll get lots of quality suggestions :slight_smile: .
It can definitely be hard finding good user stories if you don’t know where to look, especially if the top trending stories aren’t your cup of tea.


Gosh, thank you @AnnieAEpisode :kissing_heart:

I almost exclusively read community stories. Featured stories make my IQ drop.


LMAO sameeee like i already have an IQ of 5 so my brain cells are gone, vanished

I can agree with this topic, but there are some amazing stories out there, beautifully coded, the one thing i don’t like about featured stories is the excessive amount of gems per choice… 19? my guy i’m not made out of money : (


Good for you. The majority of community stories are clichés but there are some great ones out there if you actually spend time looking for one :clown_face:

The good ones aren’t going to come up in the top Romance or Drama section, by the way.

And lastly, I mean if you hate all the stories that are based on sex then don’t click on the story. The covers are most likely to give away the gross eroticism that is going to happen in it, anyway. You might wanna read the descriptions too.

“at least they make sense” what??? So changing yourself for a bad boy makes sense…?


Not all of the community stories have a lot of s*x scenes in it. At least there are some authors that do give you the option to skip the scenes. Plus, the romance section has toned down with all the suggestive front covers I guess.


I sooo agree with you. I hate the kind of stories that @Toby describes so I try to stay away from them but there aren’t many stories that are well-made and not full of romance. I steer away from the episode originals because they’re literally all romance. Tbh a lot of it comes down to genre preference tho, and I just hate the romance stories on this app :woman_shrugging: