I don't read community stories

Thank you so much for everything Annie!!

Thank you so much, Annie!

There are a lot of community stories by talented authors that do not feature sexual relationship or romance at all. The featured stories are actually the ones that focus only on sexual relationship and their dumb plot…

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Thank you so much for recommending my stories! :heart:

Unpopular opinion: sex scenes are life (not when the story revolves around it tho)

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Hmm. Maybe you’re just looking in the wrong places. There’s a lot of cliche stories here yeah, but theres a few that really are gems.

Personally I only read episode officials for gems, because they’re either way too smut-filled for me, have too many cliches or they purposely make you feel bad for not spending gems.


On the contrary I don’t read many Episode stories. The gems choices irritate me - ‘don’t stand up for yourself’, ‘dress shabbily’, etc. The stories are probably more suited for a younger age group, predictable with the usual tropes and it’s too simplified and rushed. I appreciate it being concise but sometimes it’s just so quick esp if you don’t have gems that it can feel underdeveloped. I much prefer community stories (some are really too long though) but it does take some effort to find the good ones.


I like how community writers end up on the episode Hollywood area, but if you go on the writer’s account, you can normally see the old version which is completely free without and gems, and the stories which are episode official’s normally don’t have the name spark as community stories and they feel rushed and forced, e.g: The baby project (or whatever)

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I find that doing R4R is a good way to discover some hidden gems. And the nice thing is, most will be a working progress so you can always give the author feedback or support.

To be honest my story is a drama and yes, there is the element of romance and some kissing scenes but the main focus is how to deal with mental health after you’ve plunged from the bottom. How events in life can have an impact on your wellbeing…


Not every community story revolves around sex. My stories definitely don’t.
A good way to discover good community stories with the particular elements you are looking for (or want to avoid) could be opening a thread to ask for story recommendations. You just might discover some hidden gems that way.


I think that you should read @Abimations4’s stories. Because they:

  • make sense
  • are really funny
  • don’t have sex scenes
  • are not too long

honey it rly isn’t