I don't see the logout in the app

I’m trying to logout of the app but I don’t see it in this new update how can I logout if I don’t see the logout button

You go to setting and it’s somewhere there

Lol tell me if you don’t find it

I don’t see it

Go a little bit up

It says account and it’s there

It’s over here for me but you don’t seem to have it

Yeah I don’t i use android

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So I don’t know what to do

I hope you find a way :frowning_face: :blob_hearts:

I hope so too

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The new update I heard for Android is weird but if they didn’t add the log out button then something’s wrong with that.

Yeah something is wrong with that

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Try going to the “create” tab and you should see a logout in the lower right hand corner, if you’re on an apple device.

I’m on my android

It’s because of a new update, hopefully we’ll get the option to log out back soon

Yeah it will be easier