I dont see the problem in my scripting

Can someone tell me wtf is this hahaha

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Are you sure you have typed it exactly like you named it? Else there Will be a error, else I’m not sure

I found a mistake, changed it and it still doesnt work.

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i put the “remember2” now but it still isnt working.

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Hmmm are you sure you named the flag that (I think it is called flag lmao I forgot)

Wait Nvm Why are you putting remember2 inside of Those ( ) anyway?

It’s not necessary to do that and it might Cause a error, What do you want to happen with the outfit choosing

wait what? xd

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Check through the guides and you might find your error, But I don’t Remember if you can actually put a thingy like that After a choice
Shouldn’t it be if (remember2) Then and not choice (remember2) or just

If that makes sense At all lmao

U gotta write it if u wanna remember the choice, i think.

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No you use the gain command Then
like this:
gain (flag name) and Then use the if command When you Wanna refer to a certain choice you made that for example Maybe had a impact and Then you use
If (flag name){


Thats another way of it, yes. xd

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Oh my god. I fixed it, it was elif and not else in the last command. Smh.

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Yeh else works a bit different lmao, I’ll glad you fixed it

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