I don't trust people who (part 2)

I don’t know about you guys & girls but here’s another situation that really bothers me and I’m sure you can relate to this.

I don’t trust people who do things like out of pity such as flirting with you out of pity just because they broke up with someone or they lost their loved ones. Like I’m sorry to hear what happen but you can’t use me as a rebound or do s**t to make me feel uncomfortable. It had happened to me many times especially when I tell them that I’m not interested.

I don’t trust people who tell me s**t like “you should be flattered” when someone is stalking or being creepy as hell.

I don’t trust people who make up stories when there’s no evidence to the situation. Sometimes I like to hear both sides of the stories instead of siding with one person.

I don’t trust people who assume that this girl is pregnant just because she unintentionally vomits a lot. It’s not pleasant having stomach ulcer I tell you, makes you vomit so many times after you eat a meal.

I don’t trust people who lecture me on how I should schedule my workout at the gym. Especially when they act like doing weights is better than cardio when both are important.

I don’t trust people who think it’s cute for a 4 year old to dress like a stripper but belittle a 25 year old woman wearing crop tops & yoga pants. Doesn’t even make any sense.

I don’t trust people who get offended when a woman or her & her partner does not intend to have children in the future. Stop with the parental advice, please!

I don’t trust people who get offended when I’m in my PJs at home. Wearing PJs are a lot comfortable than wearing everyday clothes at home. Though I sometimes leave the house in my PJs to go to the bank or supermarket.

I don’t trust people who ask really stupid questions when I tell them that I have Asperger’s Syndrome. Like s**t like “Your parents shouldn’t have vaccinate you. Vaccination causes autism!”


i dont get what this has to do with trust.


Basically I know who is being very shady because I know they’re not nice

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that still doesn’t have anything to do with trust.

its simple just i dont like people who is like this.

and i agree that all this you mention is terrible annoying. especially the last one about the vaccine. i actually have autism and hate those people so much. i actually had a mom tell me she rather had her kid death than have autism


I don’t trust authors who use pregnancy as an excuse to add drama to their episode stories because they can’t think of any ideas :joy:


I don’t trust people who are hypocrites.


Did you ever watch the show Boston Legal with William Shatner?

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That’s a really fd up thing for her to say smh

I don’t trust ppl that lie all the time.


This is still part of your other topic I don't trust people who
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Yes it is even though I put part 2 on here

I have autism too. Man I hate it when people blame vaccination for autism or gluten diet. These are the myths of autism. Austism is not like a flu. You can’t be like: sneeze I got autism now.


Yes omg they are the worst

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yes. it is so annoying. if the vaccine causes autism everybody would have it.

also, the parents who say this, dont even understand autism. they talk about it like it is a big problem and we would be better without. here is new i rather take 50 vaccines right here and now than have my autism removed. cause it is flu or cancer. is my god damm personality. and i would not be me if it was gone

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Tell me about it. I would rather be vaccinated than get measles, whooping coughs and other diseases.


I don’t trust people in general.


PREACH. I really do not trust parents who refuse to vaccinate their kids. Diseases that are supposed to be eradicated in the US are coming back because people are not having their children get the proper vaccinations. You are putting children too young to get certain shots at risk. You are putting the elderly at risk. You are putting the immune compromised at risk. FOR WHAT? You’d rather have your kid be paralyzed or die or a horrible sickness and die young then have a developmental disability and live a healthy life. Plus it just demonizes people with autism. It is NOT their fault. If anything, there should be laws against it because you’re putting people at risk, even YOUR own damn child.
In summary, I will leave this meme


Totally agree, and most people who don’t want to vaccinate children make claims that are not backed by any facts just conspiracy theories.

This part really upsets me! Autism is not a disease like they make it out to be. I have many friends with autism who are very intelligent amazing people. So I feel for them whenever ignorant demonizing statements are made


Exactly. I’ll never understand why people would never vaccinate their kids. Austism is not a bad thing either. I am pretty sure there are non-vaccinated kids that do have Autism. It sickens me that parents these days are so damn selfish!


I just hate the s**t we autistic people have to deal with. Especially when there’s idiots that tell me that I don’t look autistic when I actually do have it. They just think I’m a c&*t which is absolute bulls&%t!

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like people have died of the vaccine. but that number is the hundred. people who died of measles are in the billion so I take my chance with the vaccine.

also, I do have autism. and the stuff I heard about the dont vaccine because autism makes me furious. it is so much bs.