I don't understand the problem with my overlay?

Hi there! I’ve had some problems with my overlay, because I named it the same as the character. and when I try to writ I get the same error just on this overlay. i can understand what the problems is, and I’m not so “good” at English :confused:

Could you copy and paste the script you have from when the choices begin, so lines above 2263 to when it ends, so lines after 2305, please. Maybe I can help.

I don’t know if I’m much help but I had the same problem before my only option was to change the overlay name.

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Try removing the extra empty line (2287)

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I think you’re right. :slightly_smiling_face:

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so here’s the script, but as you can see, now I have the same problem with “nor”

2256 —> “NOR”{

Nor: mid-thirties, and she's crazy with a big C.
Been her around 5,5 years now.
Already knocked out some theeth from inmates and guards.
You can trust her 100%.
Loves a good fight.
She's maybe the best option, just ask her.


@zoom on MAE to 500% in 0
MAE (talk_armscrossed_condescending_loop)
Hey Nor.

@zoom reset
@NOR faces left
NOR (talk_sit_anklescrossed_neutral_loop)
Oh, hey babe, what up?

@zoom on MAE to 500% in 1
MAE (talk_armscrossed_shrug_neutral)
I heard you are good at fighting, you up for one?

@zoom reset
NOR (talk_sit_coy)
Thats right!
Gladly, i need some action.
“Lemme look some more girls”{

goto fight_nor


label fight_na


16 years old, and from Irland actuly.
You may think she's really scary because of her scar, but its from birth.
She is kind of a wannabe gangster, she mingled with the wrong crowd.

@zoom on MAE to 200% in 1

    MAE (callout_neutral)
YOOO, who want to fight?

    NA (laugh_sit_crackup)
HAHA you think i can fight with one of us?

@NA is transition_sit_to_stand

@zoom on NA to 200% in 1
NA (idle_argument_angry_loop)
You think YOU can FIGHT?
What a joke
Look at you

@NA is laugh_crackup

@zoom on MAE to 200% in 1
@MAE is idle_armscrossed_angry_loop

@zoom reset

    ALMA (talk_sit_deny_neutral)
Wow, girl you are stopid.

@MAE is walk_angry_loop AND MAE walks to spot 1.130 246 4 in zone 3

“Lemme look some more girl!”{

readerMessage who would you like to fight against?


goto fight_na


sorry, now I am a little confused as the script you’re showing here has goto’s and labels which wasn’t in that screenshot lol

Just to let you know, you can’t have a label inside a choice so you’ll have to create that label fight_nar scene after the choices but it’s also typed in the wrong spot anyway lol.
Also, like CALLme_80 mentioned delete the extra line on 2287.

I don’t see how the “NOR” { part looks since you sent the stuff that happens after that but maybe you did the same thing with the space issue as you did with “NA” {?

I hope I made sense.

When I do choices, I don’t have the brackets so spaced out because I personally like it better together, so you could also code it like this so you don’t keep having that space issue:

goto continue_scene3

} “Lemme look some more girls” {
goto fight_nor

} “NA” {
goto fight_na

^end bracket to close the choices.

Then after that^ Make the labels for the fight scenes

label fight_nor
blah ba

label continue_scene3

label fight_na
blah bla

ive changed it right after I posted this :face_with_hand_over_mouth: but the problem I’ve mentioned is quite common for me, hehe :frowning:

okey, oh I though I put the label outside of the choice? :sweat_smile:

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but how will I go when I put I times choice inside the choice, will I matter for the label?

lol yeah then I would suggest maybe using a different format when creating choices such as the way I suggested.

You placed it in like some random spot in between the code for the choices lol, it’s like this

label fight_na
“NA” {

^Which splits up the choice coding

you need that bracket to be either right above “NA” {
or on the same line: } “NA” { for it to work.

sorry can you rephrase your question, im not sure I understand :upside_down_face:

nm, haha. so in other words, I should rewrite that whole part, and put the timed choices in the label instead? :slight_smile:

This part is wrong
U can Either add a new choice or remove the label. Or maybe a } is missing after the label :dizzy:

You don’t have to rewrite it, you’d just have to remove the extra line space between the bracket and name choice, and create the labels after the choices not inside the choices. OR instead of gotos you can create the scenes and how the story continues inside of those choices and then create a label at the end to wrap it up for those branches to end to. And if they have different endings for that episode then also use gains OR name the first choices to begin with that start branching out. Goodness it sounds so confusing the way I’m explaining it :sweat_smile: :woozy_face:

I’m not really sure what you’re doing by just seeing that amount but it looks like you’re putting choices inside of choices so depending on how you want those choices to go you can put the timed choices inside the choice or in the label. That depends on how you want to code it and what you want to happen. You can have the whole scene and timed choices and other choices within that one choice and create a label for you to goto when you get to the last scene for that branched out choice to wrap up the episode for that. I assume if “lemme look some more girls” is going to a label called fight_nor then you would create the label for it to go to after those choices and create the scene and timed choices there.

Sorry the way I explain it is extremely confusing :woman_facepalming:t3: My English is a bit bad as well. Lol

That last bit of your script as well is a bit confusing to me, the part where you have a goto fight_na between brackets :thinking: I think it doesn’t belong there.

What I would do is create either a new episode or a new “fake” story and paste that episode script in there and fix that script portion in it and then paste it back into that episode Or at least save how you have the scenes coded for those parts somewhere and then remake the choice coding to make sure it branches out right.

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i will try that out, thank you :heart:

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Hi! I read you were having problems with an overlay… I don’t see any overlay in your script :sweat_smile:
And don’t worry about namig it exactly like a character, I do it, it works just as fine!
Just remember to always put
@CHAR when you want the character to do so
@overlay CHAR when you’re referring to the overlay
:heart: :heart: :heart:


hey, I’ve made some changes now, do you think you have the opportunity to help me? :sweat_smile:

i’ve changes the whole fight script.

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Yeah of course, what would you like help with?