I dont understand this

I do my spot directing, i save it and when i previeuw they are at a differend possition again !!!

Can someone help me please


Do you put the spot directing in the script?

Can I see your script? I may be able to help :grin:

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Yeay i use it but it is changing all the time so i can’t make a screenshot but it will be good and then when i preview all is bad again …

Do you make your story on pc?

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I use pc

Ok, I just did the spot direction I save it and when I preview the girl is not beside the cops.

the man who is talking has to be in here place.

like this and everytime i have to change and this is the whole episode like that i don’t understand that it is my 11 the chapter i have never had that.

So this is what it’s supposed to look like?

it is not only that it is my whole episode that i had to change all the time…

instead of putting the spot and layer directions of different use AND


@ANNEKE spot … AND ANNEKE moves to layer 2

tell me if it works

But were i not put a layer it happens too…

The layering will still work it will just be in the same line with out the & command

I need the layering because they kiss frequent xxx