I don't understand transition

Can someone explain what’s wrong…

This has never happened with me before and I don’t understand everything was fine before I put the set format phonetext in my script.

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@transition fade out black in 1

This doesn’t work either :roll_eyes::weary:

it should be
@transition fade out black 1

@transition fade out black in 4

You have to put “in” infront of the number

not in transitions, its not a valid directing command, thats why she got the error

Is that scene like approved ? like did you upload it ?

I think it is because of your line 1187 & 1188.
You cannot put a # on line 1188 because it is a dialogue. The dialogue cannot start with #

Ive also done this # is episode 1 and it’s fine I’m so confused :weary:

Yes it’s been approved :weary:

Show the script for your episode 1 on that part.

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I’ve done it like this throughout both my stories and it works fine

I’ve always done the @transition fade out black (in 1)

@transition fade out black 1

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The problem is not with the transition.

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Remove the word in 1 just put 1

Ive Fixed the issue thanks guys :cherry_blossom::purple_heart:

I had a look and I did it a bit differently thank you :joy: if I didn’t look I was going to be confused forever :rofl::rofl:

So is it about the #?

Yeh, i had to put a Word before the # :rofl::rofl: