I don't understand why episode didn't approve my backgrounds

I’ve been seeing a lot of stories with “gifs” in them recently and I wanted to make my own. I have around 16 images and some of them were approved, while some weren’t.

This one was approved:

This one wasn’t:

They are practically identical.

My images weren’t approved because there is blood in them, even though I didn’t shade anything and it’s just a plain red colour.
I’m not sure what do to now. I spend a lot of time doing all the backgrounds and I’m not sure if there is any way to reuse them. What can I do about this??

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Sometimes images are seen by different members of the episode team, so there’s a chance that one member thought it was okay, and another didn’t. Or perhaps the first one simply slipped through the cracks.

Although you only used a red colour, it is very obvious that it is meant to be blood, and too much blood is against the guidelines.

You could try to use less blood, and see if they allow it then, or submit a ticket and ask the team what is the best course of action.