I dont want mrs smith appearing on screen, someone please help


I want mrs. smith to have a narration button but instead of the narrator speaking i want Mrs smith to speak because i want her to be calling Breona from downstairs. Can someone please help. I tried watching a video and it said do
but that doesnt work.


You can’t use 2 part names for narrator boxes. The characters can only have 1 name, so you’ll have to create a new character and name her MRSSMITH with no spaces if you want to use the narrator box for that character.


thank you


If you don’t want to have a MRSSMITH on your screen you can always just do

MRS SMITH: I hate kids!


You can also spot mrs. smith off screen to the right/ left and make her talk and it will look like she’s talking from outside the room.



Thanks to everyone for the tips and assist! Resolved and closed. :vulcan_salute: