I feel Better -- and yEEEEt

I took some time to think–and I thought might as well, come back on, but not on every minute, it’s not healthy, but it’s not better as me coming at least every 5 hours, I thought for a while, and especially during school – I thought for awhile on how I can make myself happier – and spending time with my dad helped a lot-- he gave me positive advice, and made me throw a reverse card and come back !!

well, im here, and ya.


babeE OMG <3 i missed u lol hi hi

Omg I MISSED U HI BBBg I’m glad ur feeling better

Boo I missed you too!!! How are ya feeling? :heart:

suprisingly better – i decided to make healthier choices, such as most likely be online after school between 5pm -6pm (cdt) and most likely go on later too


YayyYY :heart_eyes:glad ur better than before

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i’m glad ur betterr !

yea, i spent quality time with my dad-- and saw bigger things in life :heart:

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invite me back into the pm pweasee.

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don’t know who you are but-



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