I feel demotivated nowadays, so I need help

So, my university will start in a month and I am free nowadays. Let’s say I have become a couch potato lol and with that, I have lost all my inspiration to write and truth is, I am confused as well. I have started a number of projects as well and now, I am confused which one I should continue.

Yeah, so I need help.

I need someone who can read my drafts, analyze them thoroughly and give me their honest opinion and also, if you can, give me advice how to make my plot better. My directing is great (at least, I think it is) and I think my plots are good too.

Okay so, if you decide to help me, here’s what you need to do:

I’ll send you the link of my stories. I have written almost 1 or 1.5 chapter of every single story, so you’ll have to read it all and tell me which one is eye-catching and which one I need to continue.

Also, please no plagiarism.

Your help will be appreciated.


If you need help let me know!! We gotta keep each other motivated!
Pm on here or Insta @Mia.episode.writes

For me when I feel demotivated, I take a break from it for a bit (at least a couple days) and think and do other things I like. When I get back to it, I feel reinvigorated. Hope it helps.


I am sending you a request rn.

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I took a break, came back and felt very confused, but a few people are helping, so hopefully, I’ll be back on track soon


I’ll accept it as soon as I can!!

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