I feel like I did such a terrible job on my story and I'm kind of sad about it

I had such a good story for Reveal. It was so perfect and amazing to me, and the first two episodes I really liked,

I didn’t start the third episode until too late and I submit it right at 11:59 a minute before the deadline. Idk it makes me sad because it had so much potential and now I feel like it sucks and I shouldn’t have put so much effort into it and no one will ever read it :frowning:


hey hey hey, don’t give up already. yes, it’s v hard to write a story but you’ll get used to it and it’ll get easier. when you first publish a story, it won’t have tons of reads by the first day, but as time passes by, you’ll get more reads. you can do r4r and/or share your story in the forums. trust me, you’ll get more reads than you expected, patience is key. never give up on something you started, good luck on everything!!


If you think it’s really bad, then keep writing and writing. I’m sure you’ll improve. I think that sometimes too that my story sucks. So I take a break, read some stories. Then start writing whenever I want.
And you know it’s “Perseverance is the pillar of success” :purple_heart::sparkling_heart:


I just finished my 3rd chapter, and I just hate it for no reason. My whole story is just not what I imagened at all. But remeber that episode writing is hard and you’ll have other stories!

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I feel thatttt. Don’t let yourself get too down about it, though!

Obviously you thought it was pretty awesome before it all. I’m sure your story is fabulous, and it’s nothing to worry about. I typically love what I write until I have something to compare it to and get super sad about it.

If you need someone to read and/or review your story, I am more than open to do so. Reads aren’t everything, trust me. I’ve read some marvelously written stories that haven’t gotten that much attention.

The effort is what will make you a better writer, regardless of what rewards you reap. If you need anything, feel free to PM me!

-Lynne Harper :sparkles:

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Don’t put yourself down or beat yourself up. I am sure that your writing is amazing! We all have room for improvement, no matter how good of an author they are. Just keep working at it and be confident! <3

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