I feel like I’m Loosing all of my friends

I feel like I’m loosing all of my friends and I just need support and I love the friends I have with my whole heart I just feel like I can’t give them the support they need.


Bish, I freaking love you. You won’t be loosing me anytime soon. :sneezing_face::heart:


Aw girl, I am so sad you feel that way! I know I haven’t been on much lately but I hope you know I am here for you always! I am all but a PM away and you sure aren’t loosing me anytime soon.

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youre so sweet and supportive luv i promise u cann, okay? <3 i promise anyone would be lucky to be ur friend

we’ll always be here for uu bby

  1. Always know hell granny pterodactyl is always watching and stalking while waiting for that one moment to kidnap you—
  2. I’ll always support you! You may not know it but I stalk the Pms I’m in with you and sometimes public threads and just see you being the hilarious and kind friend you are! :purple_heart:
  3. I hope I’m part of that group but I love you with all my heart!
  4. One person can have a huge impact on someone but they can’t always be the only one to support them. Don’t put that burden with you, because it’s not your fault. A person may need more than one person supporting them. So they can create a big bomb of support and love. :two_hearts: Plus you’re already so supportive already like dayum girl? Where you keeping all that love and support?

i know exactly how you feel, but you have to do what makes you happy even if it means loosing a few friends, i will be here if u need a friend

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I love you.

I love you :sparkling_heart:

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