I feel like I should delete my story and start all over. :(

Okay, so I get so much mixed signals on my story and I really just don’t know if its good or not. I mean I like it…But I feel like I can not truly tell if others like it.
I read so many story’s and you can tell people like there story’s because of the fan mail or on IG the comments or screenshots everyone tacks of the story’s and I really just don’t get anything.
I feel as though I should just scrap my story and try again because I feel as though very few people a really meant it when they said they like it as only like 3 or 4 people have really showed a interest in it after a R4R. I mean I always have some many people say oh it was good or I like it just to never here from any of them again…I just want people to be truthful and tell me if my story is bad so I can just start all over again. I don’t want to be lied to about it.
I just don’t know what to do about it any more.

Does any one else ever feel this way?


I hate everything I write after awhile, probably because I spend so long looking at it it always ends up feeling boring and predictable. What’s your story babe, I’ll have a look at it and I swear I will tell you if it’s shit.


I feel like if you actually love your story then u will keep on doing because YOU love it, u shouldn’t care if a few don’t like you write because you love doing it, that should be your only inspiration :slightly_smiling_face: and what is ur story name??


Alone Till There Was You

I just want the truth and I always tell people it’s not going to hurt my feelings. I don’t want to wast time on a story that isn’t good.

I get that and I do really like my story. I just want others to enjoy it also.

They will, if you find the right people because I feel like your story needs to be more exposed to be more out there

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I have an unpublished story that I feel this way about. I’m super on the fence about it and I can’t figure out if it’s good enough to publish or not :joy:

As for a published story, I do have one that’s currently hidden which I know isn’t great, but since it was published I made sure to finish it. I hate unfinished things.

Read for reads aren’t really a good measure of whether someone likes a story because a lot of people just tap through to prove they read it (if they even read it).
Why don’t you try asking for reviews instead?

But like someone else has said, as long as you like your story then that’s the most important thing :slight_smile:


@Fazeclan_Lover I always post it on R4R and try to get it out there.
@EliseC I agree I feel the more I do the R4R’s and some of the feedback I get that they read maybe a line or in each Chapter because they act as though they don’t know anything about it. But I have done the hole review thing and they never read past your first 3 Chapters so I’m not a big fan of them…When I do R4R’s I read the story I screenshot through out each Chapter. I point out any directing I see that could use some work I also tell them this is what I do to fix mine or here is how you do that. But very few and far between do I get any real feedback.

@EliseC also if you do ever publish your story let me know I would love to check it out and I will give you my thoughts on it. :slight_smile:

I liked your story and I kept on reading it. After our R4R.

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Awww. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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And in episode 5, I can see the progress you have made. So don’t give up keep going.

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Thank you. It means a lot to me. You are one of 3-4 people that have said your true thoughts on my story. And you always help me out. :slight_smile:

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FIRST OF ALL: Ok, I guarantee your story is not bad. I don’t like to think that any story on episode is bad. As long as it has:
Some sort of plot
Some directing-
that qualifies as a good story. If you like it that’s all that matters.
Don’t ever let other people’s opinions cloud your own. It could become an amazing story! - OR it already is!
I just go by the belief that nothing I write/draw is BAD, it’s always good, it can only get better!
Second: Ok, your story sounds amazing! If you want I can read it and give my opinions!

Your story can only grow and get better, so if you’re not sure you like it now, improve it until you think it’s amazing, then others will too!

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Thank you. I agree with you there. I guess I get discouraged sometimes. I like my story and I enjoy my story and you all are right that is all that matters at the end of it.

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Here is something I learned. Many people who do R4R are not honest. It’s a way to promote your story but not everyone is honest. I have seen with my own eyes. Getting people to review is a plus especially if they’re the one who goes into details. It helps to learn what needs to improve. The way I basically promote my story is actually adding people to follow me on episodes, I figured out of all those people who I am following 1 must find my stories interesting.
Also, keep writing because you like writing. It takes time so people to notice it took me 1 year so people can actually notice my stories.
Keep positive.

You have a fan and a reader right here

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Yes I think my biggest problem I am learning is I do these R4Rs in hopes of getting out of them what I put into them myself and I don’t so it makes me think people are just trying to not hurt my feelings. But I am glad you like my story. I am going to work on Chapter 7 soon, because you and everyone else that Has commented are right thank you all… :slight_smile:

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And if you want to read it you can. Like I always say to everyone please if you do tell me the truth so I can learn from it and fix things that may need to be, :slight_smile:

First of all, don’t drop this story, you like it, that’s good enough. All we can do is write for ourselves, maybe people will like it, maybe they won’t, as long as you enjoy what you’re doing it doesn’t matter. If you want my honest opinion I did not enjoy this and I will not be reading more.

If you want advise on improving I’d say first and foremost there needs to be some kind of opening narration that pulls the reader in and tells them what this story is going to be, something reflective of what’s going to happen at the end, or the general themes, it can be a quote or the last line of dialog, maybe lyrics, it just needs some kind of opener. “There was love all around but I never heard it singing, no I never heard it singing, till there was you.”

Secondly I’d say figure out better ways of conveying information. In the first scene your goal was to let me (the reader) know that Summer has two kids and is basically losing at life, you can do this in a much more interesting way than having her wakeup and tell me she’s a single mother who’s losing at life, always avoid the info dump. Maybe she’s running to work, maybe she’s getting chewed out by her boss for being late, maybe both? Start with action then go into narration. Her Boss is soundlessly yelling at her after we see her running to work and clumsily waiting table and narration reads "I’m Summer Young, elder millennial, single mother, hot fucking mess”.

I would cut the author message at the start, saying it’s your first story is like saying “lower your expectations reader, this sucks but you can’t complain cause hey, I warned you”.

I would also cut Spencer’s POV, there’s no better way to suck romantic tension out of a story than to tell the audience what the love interest is thinking.

There are a lot of little things that just don’t jive for me, like all the name alliteration (Tayler and Tyler, Summer and Spencer c’mon bruh), the amount these characters say “girl” (very repetitive), the fact that summer didn’t remember Spencer was a customer, that Summer just hopped into a car with a stranger, how cartoonishly scuzzy Quiten is (so predictable and one dimensional). The dialog doesn’t feel authentic, individual or realistic. There’s a lot of telling and not a lot of showing going on, there’s also a lot of telling the audience what they can already see happening, Spencer doesn’t need to describe what Summer looks like, we can see her. Also unless Summer wears contacts or she’s some kind of fantasy creature and we don’t know it yet she needs normal colored eyes, no one’s eyes are lavender, it’s possible for people with albinism but still way too rare to be believable. This is just my two cents, I have a lot more thoughts but most of them are nit picky and not helpful so I’m going to leave you with this.

That being said, please don’t give up on your story, completely ignore me if you are happy with your work, leave it the way it is and finish it no matter what response you get or don’t get from readers. Your opinion is the one that matters.

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Thank you for telling me the truth. I never wanted to just delete it and that’s it. I just didn’t know if I should start all over with it…I do like it but I also see were you are coming from on every thing you said. I suck at picking names so I just want with first thing that I though of but I get it. Your right though not ever story is for everyone. I just want to get good feedback like this. I really have a hard time with starting a story, its like one of the hardest things for me to do. I will tack this and use it to help me better my story. :slight_smile: