I feel like small authors are not noticeable

I feel like small authors are not noticeable…Like sometimes I just be giving up…:zipper_mouth_face:


I feel you.


Yeah, I totally agree. It’s hard for small authors to get themselves out there, but don’t give up!! :two_hearts:If you have faith in your work just keep trying! :blush:


Thanks :kissing_heart:


The app is designed in a way that it makes it very hard to find stories by smaller authors or new stories for sure. It’s not impossible for unknown authors to get their story out there, but it is definitely harder.

Try supporting some feature requests like these ones:


that’s because they aren’t. Like you have to get featured to have your story be noticed and not everyone is given that opportunity. And if you don’t get featured, you have to update really fast perhaps even complete your story, add customization, add tons of romance, drama and cliches, and you have to confine your story to the romance genre which are things that not all authors can or want to do.


Hello, you are not supposed to shout out your story here!

Please read this: UPDATED 7/2019 Forum General Rules

From there, you will see:

You are sharing a story in the Episode Fan Community when you are only supposed to do so in the Promote Your Story Section. And you should only promote on threads where you meet the requirements of the OP (poster of thread, ex. what are they looking for?) Sorry about this, and that’s great you have a story out, but there’s a place where it belongs, and there’s a place where it doesn’t. This thread just isn’t it.


It’s definitely hard to get noticed and it takes time but if you write what you are passionate about and keep updating, the reads will come in eventually. The more episodes you have the more chance that you will gain new readers and some of them may recommend your story on Instagram, on the forums etc. I noticed that more and more small authors get featured on weekly shelves so if you work hard on your story it does pay off sometimes, but you have to be patient and focus on improving your writing in the meantime :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeh getting noticed is really hard. I haven’t even been able to reach 1K reads and I’ve been on here for More than 1 year and 6 months

Feel youu

I lost all my confidence for a long time, until my friend @EpisodeHoneyy gave me strength to do it

So now, all my original stories and my newer stories are in the process of being re-written in all 3 styles,

They will all be published in LL first, but they will all be published.

It’s a lot of work , I know, but sometimes, that’s what an author has to do to please everybody

i feel the same way… but you know I’m writing for fun so I really don’t care if I don’t get thousands of reads

Never give up. If you do something you love, keep doing it. It doesn’t matter how many readers you get, if you get 10, you already made 10 people happy by creating your story.

Yea, it’s difficult to get noticed especially in contest or what ever. But On Instagram there are a few groups who help smaller authors. Epy_small_author_helper and epy_small_author_awards (I thought)

But don’t give up. Every big author was a small one first.

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Says the girl who helped me, with my story every single day. :heart::heart:

And I have all the faith in you! You can do it, you are gonna do it! Faith, trust & pixie dust :heart:

I’m good at help others though hun, not great at helping myself…

I get scared. nervous… You’ve seen what I send you every time I send you the link

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It’s been almost 2 years since I write, and I’m still a small author :heart:

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