I feel like such an idiot! 😭

Someone can be white passing and still be Native. I’m so surprised that you thought Native meant… like from a different country? Why did you think they were called Native Americans? I’m so sorry, this whole thing is really funny.

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I have NO IDEA. :sweat_smile: I was always told that Native Americans were known as Indians. I thought it was different in some kind of way.

Oh, you sweet summer child. :sob: I just want to say, also, it’s best to ask someone who is Native about their experience or knows a lot about Native American cultures. Notice, I said cultures. Culture, norms, traditions, and ways of life vary from tribe to tribe. They have their own languages, too.

I wouldn’t write about a specific ethnicity or culture unless I knew about it. Native American history is very much plagued with systemic racism, colonialism, and even genocide. Most recently, and overwhelmingly, Native American people are in poverty, and in poor living conditions. Literacy and education rates are alarmingly low, and a Native youth is more likely to go to prison than to get their GED. Which all seems very bad, yes. That’s because it is. And you should know that if you want to write a character who is Native. I would not write a Native person just for the sake of diversity, especially since you know little about what it is to be Native American and live in countries like America or Canada.


You’re right. I might have to change my character’s ethnicity to Spanish-American (or Spanish-Native-American). I think the first choice sounds better. @Lilii just gave me a great suggestion for a Spanish full name!


Spanish as in Spain?
Native Americans have more of a red undertone.
If anything the character looks only Spanish or at least VERY Spanish dominated.
Very beautiful but she had light skin light eyes and lighter hair. Things most Native Americans don’t have.

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Any country where they most likely speak Spanish.

What if she inherited the Spanish side from one of her parents? And then the other side would be American.

Then I think I know what to stick with.

I hope I don’t come off as rude :frowning_face:
But my grandmothers side in native American in Mexico while my grandfathers is Spanish.
So I kinda know a few things lol.

I am of a lighter completion and my eyes are hazel but i have really black straight hair while my cousins are darker with black hair and dark eyes.


Alright so instead of saying Spanish love, say Hispanic :smile:
That can be any country in Latin America or Spain.
If she inherited the Hispanic side that would make more sense.

I think you have a great idea, just do a bit more research and you should be okay

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Oh no, you weren’t rude! I just had to reconsider what my character is. I swear, I am so bad at story planning. :sweat_smile: I should have planned the characters before moving straight onto the story, then making plans for what I want my characters to be

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Also Native Americans were called Indians because voyagers were on a boat in search of a short cut to India. When they landed in the Americas, they saw darker skinned people and assumed they were in India then started calling them Indians.

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We’ve all be there lol!

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Hey @molly247, @Amphia, @LifeIsMyAesthetic, @Makayla.Reed, and @teekay! The mean girl who was originally Carol – her race is now Hispanic and her new name is Carlota. Her ethnicity will be revealed once I figure out which country (that speaks Spanish) she’s born from. Thanks for the help anyway, but Carol is not Carol anymore. :smiley:


Sure! If you need a list of countries let me know:) I’m latin/hispanic as well


Caucasian maybe?
Idk don’t trust me :joy:

Don’t mind me
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Maybe she was born pale, but lived in a sunny place for a long time (like California or Arizona).

Haha, cool!

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I know I’m late but I’m an Alaskan Native and I’m mixed with Caucasian, but my native features are still very strong, Alaska Natives are considered Asian, since asian’s from other countries went to America before it became America. I have no outstanding Asian features though, so someone probably couldn’t tell my race since I have features of a Caucasian, but also look very diverse. Like my eyes are huge and people have often told me they look both almond-shaped, but also very big and with long eyelashes. And I have a straight-edged nose common among caucasians and not so much other races. I also have long dark brown hair, but in that hair I have natural blonde highlights. So it would be hard for most people to put me in a certain race. I also have an olive skin tone in the winter but I tan really well naturally so if I’m outside in the sun in the winter/summer I can get a nice dark brown/gold color naturally, like I won’t even have to try I can just go on one walk a day and in a week I will be extremely tan and never burn. So all I’m saying is Alaskan Natives mixed with other races can look really diverse, and different. So I think having her be both Alaskan Native and another race would work best.

I wasn’t going to answer to this, but some of the things you said didn’t really sit well with me :sweat_smile: I definitely don’t mean this to sound rude, or like I’m trying to be a know-it-all and if it comes of as rude, it was not my intention at all! But like I said, some of the things you said didn’t really sit well with me…

  1. Natives are not considered Asian, and if we are it’s incorrect, I have nothing against Asians, or any other race for that matter, but Natives being Asian was only said in the first place because colonisers and such, wanted to claim the land as their own by saying that we weren’t originally from there, which we were.
  2. Again I don’t mean this to sound rude, and I’m not trying to start anything, but I feel that you didn’t need to mention the “long dark brown hair” part, and maybe the “tanning well” it’s only my opinion, but I found this a little offensive, you didn’t have to add the “long brown hair” implying that all natives have long hair, which is very stereotypical :woman_shrugging:
    I did not mean this to sound rude, that was not my intention at all, and I know that this platform is not meant to spread hate/rudeness I just felt the need to reply :woman_shrugging: :sweat_smile:
    -Gracie :blob_hearts:
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Hello totally understand your points but please take into consideration

  1. Historically and factually speaking people did and do find Asian dna in natives, such as Alaskan ones, that’s what I am, I was describing my Alaskan Native heritage, It’s a fact and in history books or at least American ones, that Asian’s crossed the ice bridge to get to Alaska, and there is Asian culture in Alaskan Native culture. Don’t be mistaken I’m not describing American Natives in general, I’m describing Alaskan Natives. More specifically Athabaskans. And the Asians that crossed the ice bridge did it more than 10000 years ago so they are considered natural inhabitants, but they are still Asian. Also in a different thread from this person I told them I was an Alaskan Native so the last post of mine was mainly for them as they know what we were talking about and know that I am Alaskan native.

  2. Tanning well and long brown hair are traits of Alaskan natives, I didn’t say they were the only ones. It’s also not stereotypical as most Alaskan natives you see in pictures look as if they have black hair, long or short. I was also describing myself, as we all know one doesn’t speak for all, as I was using the term “my” as in me as an individual, not as my entire ethnicity or the people of it.

Hope this was not rude and informed you of my intention. I see how you could be mistaken though, as I noticed on one line that I put American native instead of Alaskan.
Hope this clears up your own thoughts on my post! /gen


Oh ok lol, I understand. :slightly_smiling_face: