I feel like this law should be instated

Now, not all children born of incest have issues, some are healthy,
some aren’t.

Not all mentally ill or disabled folk are born from incest, most mentally ill have diseases that don’t come from parents, and so do some disabled and people with mental retardation, and not all who have disorders that come from parents and birth come from incest, the reason why it’s bad is because certain disorders need two genes to show up in a person together in one body, and your sibling/cousin/relative have more likely chances of having the same genes.

Both these genes pass down to your children, if both parents have it, not every pregnancy but some.

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I feel like it should be the law in all states to get DNA test before you get married, and not just your lover, is family members, too.

(Just in case for cousins and it doesn’t work like that) because there is, by estimate, 40% percent chance you could marry your sibling by accident.

This is due to these things:
Adoption and hiding other biological family members
Sleeping around and having one night stands without even knowing who the father is
Adultery, and prostitution.

Surrogacy, artificial insemination, and mother carrying babies that aren’t their even, depending on what the DNA tests say and whose biological child it is.
Mothers carrying previously frozen eggs.

ALL these things, depending on humans choices, can create a situation where you don’t know who you’'re really related to.


Surrogacy, artificial insemination, and mother carrying babies that aren’t theirs even, depending on what the DNA tests say and whose biological child it is.

Depending on our choices,

artificial insemination


Males don’t HAVE to stay childless by law just because they were sperm donors, and sperm donors have many children due to impregnating many women.

Just because the law says it ain’t yo child, don’t mean that it ain’t yo child. This is real life, not cartoons where anything written on paper is made to be true.

There children can easily meet the wrong person and marry them.



Same thing here, the women can get pregnant and keep their babies, as well as her children meeting their siblings whom they’e never met before.
It can go so wrong in so many ways.

It may seem like I’m taking things out of proportion, but you know what? I’m right!

A doctor inseminated many women with his sperm, they had no idea, the sperm wasn’t from their husbands like they wanted, the kids were worried about marrying their sister, but with normal donors in this field, the same worry should come about because they don’t often know who the donors are, and most parents don’t tell their children about the donors who did it.

I’m not saying these things are wrong, but I’m saying that bad things can happen.

We have the ability to keep these things going without repercussions,

Women carrying eggs from others can go weary itself, but that needs more info.
It is wiser to search up if they have any kids. And not get married to those kids, just in case.



Listen, don’t get mad at me, even tho it doesn’t have as much of what i call family hiding or family ignorance (meaning that they don’t know that the donor or bio parent had kids)

It can happen just as much with adoption, the fact that is is that adoptive parent sometimes hide that they’re kids are adopted, the bio parents sometimes can’t (the child or parent can get killed if found) or don’t wanna be found, the parents may pretend that their kids aren’t related, and if their children meet another kid on the street, due to the fact the kids mom possibly abandoned them in a hospital, with no sign of her or him around, and get married and have a disabled child, or mentally disabled or ill kid they don’t really know the full truth of how it happened. WHY

I’m not saying that all children born out of this (Incest) will be hurt mentally and physically, or that adoption will reap those consequences all the time, I’m just saying that it can happen.
When you marry someone, do you really know who they are?
Most people date on a whim, some end up with abusive husbands because they lied to you and really never loved you in the first place.

Now, before you read the next part, not all mental illness is caused by incest as well as birth defects and physical disabilities, in the cases of those that are caused by incest and worse, we should be careful of what we do that can cause our children harm.

Honestly, it should be illegal that you are a stripper or a prostitute, I’d say sleeping around should be illegal but it can’t be stopped.

The best we can do to keep children from being born with disabilities that come from birth defects caused by incest, and mental illnesses and retardation caused by it too is to do DNA tests and promote sex with one person, not thousands, within marriage is ok, actually, within marriage!

Because if you find a guy you don’t like anymore, have a kid with him and he just leaves, find another, same cycle, etc. and alienating him can happen as some people are evil and separate their children from the father out of anger, one woman lied and told the father his son, youngest, was dead, because he cheated on her and left her, it bumps up the chances of incest a little more sometimes
(it depends on what happens).

and we should promote not rushing into marriages, too.

It helps people learn who they’re with, abusers don’t have the mental stability to lay low for too long. And promote not having an affair, even if it is a bachelor party, your about to marry me, I’ll be your first, thank you very much.

Thank God he keeps us from it, https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/how-many-americans-are-married-to-their-cousins/



When people sleep around and don’t actually know who they’re sleeping with, it can cause a lot of problems, not just one. Even the sleeping around part.

Having a large number of sexual partners has been linked to poor sexual health and decreased longevity. Why? The more sexual partners you have, the greater your risk for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) like HIV /AIDS and other life-threatening conditions like prostate cancer , cervical cancer , and oral cancer .

Studies show that people who are promiscuous are more likely to be single mothers, but DANG who needed to say that?!

If you have sex a lot, 99% you’ll get pregnant!

And if you don’t keep the father in your life, it can happen, if you just screw someone without knowing who they really are it happens! Especially since you won’t see them, again!

They may not even know they have a kid!


Children who don’t know who there fathers are is common, in all races, it happens, if they don’t know their dads, they won’t know their siblings.

Then, THERE’s YOU…not you guys, i meant deadbeat dads!!
You deadbeat dads are APART OF THE PROBLEMS, let’s be real, even if you only marry one person, who is also a virgin, had no children, and never cheated along with you, when you get divorced they leave or they just leave!


Just up and run! Have another family, then leave again!
and if they keep doing it, they’re the UNSUITABLES, can never keep a fam,

Same things can happen here.

These dudes have no respect for their children, like, WHAT THE FLUFF.

In case you get an UNSTABLE, deadbeat who runs to the farthest length, just to leave behind as many kids as possible that he won’t take care of, encourage your kids to get DNA testing before they get married or date if you like,

They are Losers, image same with the deadbeat moms, a guy who, said he didn’t love his son yet STILL took care of him even tho he wanted the mother to get an abortion and felt mad when she had another child and acted like she loved the other child more than her first child, the second one being born after she left her son saying: Call me when he can walk and talk or something like that, She had the second by another man, how cant the bio dad, who tries even tho he feels like he doesn’t love his own son, and wanted to get an abortion, BE THERE AND YOU, WHO WANTED ARE NOT?

The same thing can happen, they never show up, their kids get married, screwed up pot pregnant, or had a one night stand by accident with their brother and bam she got pregnant, twins, by the same dad, one is healthy, the other is not, then her daughter gets pregnant again, happens again.

This is a mouthful.

Adultery and prostitution

Adultery and prostitution

All of the stories of prostitutes I’ve heard, they almost all got pregnant, with adulterers, The men hide the lovers, and if they haven’t forced the woman they cheated with to get an abortion or if the wife didn’t get an abortion, the kids almost never meet sometimes.

All I want is a law that states that you should get a DNA test in every state before you get married, in the case of accidental pregnancy, and be more careful and wait before you have sex, especially if it’s unprotected.

and that by law, you can’t get married if you didn’t get one and that everyone that’s already married must go to get a mandatory one. Just in case of accidental incest.

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