I figured out something AGAIN, to do with overlays being WAY too big for some reason

So I’ve hated overlays FOREVER because the only time I really used an overlay was one I uploaded to fade in and be like “Hey, this is a thing,” and then it goes away. I thought overlays ALWAYS did this thing where it was like…WAY too big for some reason…:thinking: but like…

When I’m on a regular background, an overlay I created or not, overlays don’t do this stupid inflate-y thingy…And I think I figured out what the problem was. I could be wrong.

It turns out…on the INT. BLACK - DAY background, the overlays are SUPER BIG and I have to scale it down to like… 0.01 in order to see it at all…very frustrating. OR, I could zoom to 1% and scale it down just to .88 and it was normal.

BUT It is ONLY on that background…on other backgrounds, even ones I’ve uploaded, the overlay is normal…it can be scaled to 1 and it’s fine…like confused

And it isn’t because of the zoom, I always reset zoom >.> so yeah…that’s what I learned for my newest story LOL

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It’s because the resolution of that background is absolutely tiny, because it doesn’t need any detail whatsoever!

No, really, it’s tiny. Most backgrounds are around the same size to allow for details, so overlays show up more or less the same.

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Nice…and now I know why for sure. Awesome, awesome. I hope everybody else sees this that gets driven MAD by this problem like I was at first LOLOLOLOL

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