I finally published my first Story - Now I want to share it with you. I'm open for R4R ♥️




I am open to a R4R.

One of the characters in my story is actually named Alaina :slight_smile:

Here’s my link

Title - The Ties That Bind Us
Author- Cori
IG - @episode.cori


Let me know!


Just finished. Let me know when you’ve read my story :heart:


I love your cover!!!


Thank you :blush:


I start with your Story now :point_up:t3::blush::hibiscus:


Sure thing :blush::point_up:t3::hibiscus:. I will add it to my list :blush:


Your story looks sooo damn good :smile:


Sooo… I also finished your Story :grin::point_up:t3:. Amazing Idea. I really enjoyed reading it. :heart::hibiscus: @lizzy.writes


So, now I start with your Story! :grin::point_up:t3::hibiscus::heart: @LiaLopez


Thank you so much!!


Sooo :slight_smile: I must just read the last chapter of another story and then I will directly start to read yours <3


Title: The Academy
Autor: msl2696
Genre: Romance
Description: Audrey has started senior year out with quite the bang. What lengths will she go to, to save her reputation? Will it be worth it?
Episodes: 3 (Next one will be out sometime next weekend!)


I put it on my list <3


Thank you! I’ll send you the screenshots as soon as possible! :hugs:


I put the screenshots in my insta story and I tagged you. Hope it’s okay :grin::point_up:t3:


Awww thankyou so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m glad you enjoyed it


So, I start with your story now :blush:


I’m finished your first 3 Chapter :slight_smile: It’s a great story! :cherry_blossom:


Thank you so much!! :heart_eyes::sob:


Hey :slight_smile:

I read your story next :slight_smile:


It’s a pleasure :hugs::cherry_blossom: