I finished episode 6 🙏🏾

Hey everyone, I’m not sure if anyone noticed but I took a very long break because I had a fever, and school work kept piling up, but it’s safe to say I finished all my school work, finishing my semester with straight A’s, I’m still recovering from my fever, and forced myself to work through me being mentally drained and lazy! I finished episode 6, let me know if you guys would like to read it now, or wait till I finish writing the last two chapters!

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Would you like to do a R4R?

Thank you in advance for your time & support.

:black_heart: Title : The Shadow Witch

:black_heart: Genre : Fantasy

:black_heart: Episodes : 6 & on-going!

:black_heart: Style : Limelight

:black_heart: Description : “Raven is thrown into a world of Witchcraft, Vampires, & Wolf-Shifters once she discovers she is adopted. Love, family, and adventure awaits her — but trouble awaits her, too.”

:black_heart: Character Customization & Choices

:black_heart: Story Link Episode Writer Portal

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No problem

I can send you screenshots of reading if youd like to do the same.

I’m very sorry for the late response, I haven’t been active on here in a while, I’ll start reading rn