I forget how can ı add overlay to my character

Can you help me with that. I forgot how can ı add

@add OVERLAY to character 
@remove OVERLAY from character

But seems like you have misspelled the overlay or character. or else it would show “x code doesn’t exits” type something

No it still doesnt work

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ok then cut and recode that code?

yes ı did

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what do you mean “add an overlay to a character”?

you can add props to characters, but only the ones episode uploaded

wdym ?

basically what @EtherealWitch means is that there is no “add” code for overlays. They are only there for props and characters

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I mean that on the right side of the portal there’s a section named props and you can choose a prop from that list to add to your character, but you can’t add overlays to a specific character with that code

ı know that and ı am trying to add props

@add Baby Swaddle Black Blanket to HERA

This is the prop name for swaddle.


Then the name should be exactly as it’s written in the prop list

Overlays are something different from props

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Okay , ookay ı was triying to as a overlay hahah ı didnt see the props section

ı just saw thank you ı kinda try in overlay section

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