I forgot who made this splash for me :(

Who made this splash for me?

If u contacted them via the forums then u can find them yourself via looking through your activity history & dms. If u didn’t contact them through the forums then look on your dms for other social media platforms that you’ve used (:


I already looked and couldn’t find. I think it was a art shop

U would still find the art shop in your activity history, just look for when u requested it (:

If that doesn’t work, look through your notification history (u would have been notified with the finished splash) (:

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I am looking and still cna’t find who

Well u will have to look further down since it’s bound to be there somewhere unless u didn’t request on the forums (:

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I did request on the form :joy:

So it’ll be there somewhere then (:

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i’m looking and can’t find it

Lets do it this way then…

Roughly, when did u request it? (:

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i don’t know

Think, estimate how long ago u did it…if u don’t know then unless the splash creator appears at some point then no one else can help, so think hard for a minute or so (:

I don’t remember i have a memory loss

Then search your history instead. If u requested on the forums like u said u did, then it’ll be there somewhere u just have to keep looking (:

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i am rn, can’t find it

Just keep looking further down since it will be there somewhere (:

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Try making a list of all the art shops you’ve ever requested in first… and then go from there.


I forgot all the art shops i request from

@June_Sinclair made it for you.


Thank u for finding the creator! (:

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