I found a new code nobody thinks works yet it works for me X'D

@WENDY walks to spot 1.250 -92 -14 in 0.500 and WENDY does it while running then BERIANA enters from left to spot 1.250 244 33

@BERIANA enters from left to spot 1.250 244 33


@BERIANA enters from left to spot 1.250 244 33 in 3

It works!~ I tried it out in the previewer, lol, it DOES work!


Just because I said nobody doesn’t mean that I mean nobody srly don’t argue with me over one little statement, pls… I know that some of y’all will do it, so pls, don’t.


What? Lemme see.

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Is this Ink or Limelight, not to mention. This code should work. It’s just a but more advanced,
why wouldn’t this work?

Maybe it’s because it’s me. I do a lot of fancy dancy coding in my story. Does your group do advance coding? (If you don’t understand I’ll define “advance”. This is not to be rude)

I found it in Classic.

I don’t have a human group, I have God and me. :smiley:

Lol, all the power to you then. I’m a Inker so I can’t say much. :heart: glad you found a technique.

I found it out by accident, and I’m very happy that God showed me. Btw, all the power be to God, and not me, he’s the brains behind this, I’m not. :slight_smile:

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That’s awesome :wink:
Experimenting on Episode by trying out different coding techniques can produce all kinds of cool results :sunglasses::black_heart:

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@episode.emma I found you a classic friend :wink:


I don’t even know how to code lol I’m really bad tips

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