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I’m sure the story will be fine as long as you don’t show blood or anything graphic like that, but narrating what happens and showing the character’s inner thoughts should be okay.

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That looks fine to me!

I’m pretty sure this is against the guidelines:

Also, I never had suicidal thoughts, but I would still feel uncomfortable reading it on this app.


pretty sure thats against the terms n conditions ??? also thats definitely triggering djfngtxrh

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I feel like that might be a bit too much. You don’t want to seem like you’re glorifying it and making it seem like a happy and satisfying thing to do. Personally I know it would be uncomfortable/triggering for people who have had those thoughts to read.


Looking at the content guidelines it does say “b. No depiction of suicide / self harm that is depicted as feeling good, being a relief, or a means of escape” so probably don’t risk it. But I’m not gonna lie that is actually some good writing and a very accurate description of how a suicidal person would feel like.

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Thank you! I’m sorry for the uncomfortableness.

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Oh I’m so sorry. I’ll be sure to change it thank you.

Okay thank you I’ll make sure it’s not accidentally implied.

Thank you for letting me know, I won’t risk it. And also thanks ahaha it comes from personal thoughts :).

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