I found weird photos from the Victorian Era in my house


Okay people… how do I explain? This all happened in New Year’s Eve, my father wanted to really clean our house, mainly all the forgotten places, like storage rooms and the roof. What a great way to celebrate the end of 2018 dad. The loft is pretty weird, it has no stairs, it used to but my mum thought it was dangerous as it was the wooden ones you slide. I’m tiny, so my dad thought it would be perfect for me to get a ladder and climb my way into it. We have a boarder on it, so it took a bit of work, after lots of f*cking pushing, I made my way in.

I WAS LITERALLY SNIFFING DUST PARTICLES! The space stank of dampness and just oldness, I decided to actually get in. Obviously I started walking, and I had my phone in my hand with the flash on. The loft had some random boxes in, from when we first moved in like 15 years ago, but one of them still had items in. Since I’m a know it all, I wanted to “inspect” it…

There was photo albums… PHOTO FUCKING ALBUMS. But the book was pretty shit, and the papers were extremely yellow. I was intrigued as there was photos of a family, they had two daughters, 3 sons, a mother, father and grandparents (I’m not sure if they were, but they were hella old, shame they didn’t have bloody botox back then). Clearly this was taken years ago, I’m not sure if it was the Edwardian times or the Victorian.

Carrying the box in my hand, I went back to my father and climbed down the ladder. I started rambling to my father, like what the fuck is this… oh my god how interesting. We both started to look at the photos in more depth, the further we got into the album… we noticed that the photos started getting eerie… but nothing too worrying.

Until we saw in the box, that there were pictures by them selves. Some of them were photos with scratched faces, and then faces that were fine. My dad thought it was a post mortem image, which clearly creeped us the fuck out.

It was the next day, so yesterday, and I told my uncle all about it. My uncle works with the Estate agents who sold the house to my parents, and he said he wouldn’t mind finding information on past owners from the Victorian era.

In the early morning (today), my uncle came whilst we were having breakfast, and told us… no family lived here in the Victorian era… and we know for god damn sure those photos were from the Victorian time. Our house was originally made just before the Industrial revolution, but the man who owned it, had no family, and was pretty rich as he owned a Victorian house all to himself, without having to room share.

My stupid brother, started talking crap saying the strange owner was Jack the ripper… jack the ripper blah blah blah. The only history my uncle knew, was that he owned a few factories and was never married, but used prostitutes… :no_mouth:

I’m not sure what my uncle and father are doing now with the photos, my mum said to burn it, and I want them to take it to the local library…

What do you think? I’m loosing my sh*t, who was that family?


take them to a museum or something. the past should not beet forgotten. the library could also be a good idea.

Yes agreed, to be honest I want some context on these photo, right now I am making some weird back stories.

I’m 90% sure this is how the hauntings start.

Okay, not really. They’re probably of a previous owner’s family, most likely from their childhood before they moved into the house. Those could be old family photos, especially if any other relatives had died. Post-mortem photography wasn’t as common as some people think, so there’s a chance they weren’t that. Normal photographs have been mistaken for post-mortem simply because people used stands to prop themselves up and keep themselves from moving in order to avoid blurred photos. Those stands couldn’t realistically hold a corpse’s weight, though, and any photographs of a deceased person would have been taken in the person’s bed or coffin, if at all. On a related note, you’ll also see all sorts of weird things in old photographs. Cameras were relatively new, and the amount of time it took to take a picture meant things could happen from beginning to end to cause strange effects (that’s why you may see motion blurs and shadows where there shouldn’t be any; long exposure gives a better chance of things getting messed up). Photos can also get a little messed up during the film development process itself, though I’m not very familiar with that whole process. As for the scratched out faces in some photos, it could be a flaw that occurred during photography or film development or an expression of anger toward specific relatives by the person who had the photos.

Either way, it could be interesting to research and learn a bit of local history.


Actually this will make a cool Episode story :ok_hand::+1:.


Give it to the museum or the library

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Omg thank god, that is kind of comforting… my uncle and father ended up burning it. :roll_eyes:

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Old family photos? Like, a photobook passed down? A couple of weeks ago, my dad gave me a photo album (a giant one, mind you) with the oldest photos dating back to my great-great-great-great relatives and the newest ones with me as a baby and cuter, my one year old (two in Jan) baby cousin!

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The photos were in a box in our attic, they weren’t our own family photos, but I’m guessing the previous owner’s.

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