I get a script error dont know why


know i have shanged the script in what was sayd here and no is it the second narrator that gives an error :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:


copy this:


Hey there and welcome to my story. My name is zoekezoef, this is my first story. For updates follow me on instagram: zoekezoef
I am a new writer so sorry for the language errors and that you can’t chose your character.
But writing a story is not that easy, so please don’t hold it against me. My language is Dutch and i am from
Belgium. So here we go…
Episode 1: last day at school

@ANNEKE enters from left to screen left

@NIELS enters from right to screen right AND NIELS is run_athletic

ANNEKE (flirt_shy)

Hey, niels you are in a hurry !!!

NIELS (idle_wounded)

Yes i am a bit late as usual, my class starts in about 3 seconds lol …

ANNEKE (idle_terrified)

You better make it quick then, will i see you at lunch time?

NIELS (talk_excited)

Yes, order me a pizza, would love to have that …bye

ANNEKE (blow_kiss)

@NIELS exits right

@SABINE enters from right to screen right

ANNEKE (idle_happy)

Hey girl, the last day today … you’re happy?

SABINE (talk_excited)


SABINE (kiss_cheek_give)

What are you going to do in the vacation?

ANNEKE (primp)

Same as all years working on a vacation job in the asylum where my father works…

SABINE (dismayed)

You don’t mean that??? I would never do that, to dangerous. All those crazy people pfff …

ANNEKE (arms_crossed)

I am not afraid of them, they are sick, they need medication, and they are giving that there.

SABINE (laugh_chuckle)

Yes i know but … i will go study to be an ordinary nurse, that will be difficult enough.

ANNEKE (idle_happy)

The CEO has offered me a place to work there when i finish my studies…

SABINE (frustrated)

She or He can promise me anything, i won’t do it.

ANNEKE (applaud_loop)

You do have to practice there one time though…
SABINE (primp_condescend)
Don’t let me think of that pfff, there goes my great day, thanks grrr…

ANNEKE (blow_kiss)

I am going no because my class will start soon…

SABINE (blow_kiss)

Ok mine too see you at lunch bye
@SABINE exits right

@ANNEKE exits left

@transition fade out black 5


@cut to zone 2

@ANNEKE stands upscreen left AND ANNEKE faces right

@SABINE stands upscreen right AND SABINE faces left

ANNEKE (kiss_cheek_give)


SABINE (talk_excited)

Hey girl … pizza time???

ANNEKE (idle_happy)

Yes of course
@pause for 1

@NIELS enters from right to screen right

NIELS (talk_excited)
    Were is my pizza

SABINE (laugh_giggle)

Hmmmmmm pizza

ANNEKE (laugh_chuckle)
I will get it for you, you did not have inventing work now did you!!!

SABINE (laugh_giggle)
Sure you are sure you don’t want a cupcake Niels …

NIELS (disappointed)

That is not fair, you would have it for me you said…

ANNEKE (angry_frustrated)

YES I WILL GET IT pfff boys… they can not do anything without a girl …
@ANNEKE exits left

@NIELS faces left

@SABINE faces right

NIELS (arms_crossed_angry)

Have i done something wrong?

    SABINE (dismayed)

(My dear lord help me …men…)
@transition fade out black 3


@SABINE spot 1.280 50 0 and SABINE faces right AND SABINE is sit

@NIELS spot 1.280 244 95 AND NIELS faces left AND NIELS is sit

@ANNEKE spot 1.280 170 31

ANNEKE (talk_hold_pizzabox)
Hey here it is…

SABINE (eat_pizza)
Hmm… pizza time!

@NIELS is eat_pizza


To be continued…