I get all the time errors in red and i am sure it aren't errors because the werent yesterday



please somebody @apes or someone please help me x

You need a dialogue after ANNEKE (talk_greet)


That was not yesterday and today i have to???

It will always come up as an error, if you want this action without the dialogue use:

@CHAR is talk_greet

and the bakkery background i have to do that gone too???

The error will go away when you change what I said. :smiley:

the dialoge was that anneke says bye and the animation talk greet




I can begin my whole episode again if this stays like this, all I did was give the script, someone has changed the grammar and no I have all those errors that I did not have before. even my dress label game didn’t go anymore, i don’t understand, i had to do all my zooming away and everything.

ANNEKE (talk_greet)


thanks that did work, stay tuned iff you want to for the other errors it gives. thanks

Now all my speechebubbles are messed up is there something wrong with episode at the moment?

How so? Did you readjust the speechbubbles and if you did you may have to do:

@speechbubble reset each time after you adjust speech bubbles

i did nothing, no i have to do something, a speeche bubble with someone who is not speaking it is not very good he.

And yes i do a reset afterwards.

Ah I see - hmm I recommend consulting Apes or Dara.amarie on one of their threads to help maybe? :slight_smile:

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