I Got 100 Instagram Followers! Scouting Artists!



I’m doing a giveaway on Instagram because I got
OMG! I’m thanking everyone, everyone who tagged their friends and followed me!

I’m scouting artists who want to give their art as kind of a “donation” to be supported for this giveaway. If an artist wants to give me some of their art, I will credit them fully and give them support and followers!




I would love too


Claire!! You know episode studio is def entering.


Oh is this like going to be a give away for your followers? Like get a free art if they win or whatever? I will totally entrer! I will pass the word around my group too!




Can I see examples?


Yes, but it’s more of me scouting artists…and then when I have art i’ll post a giveaway…


Can I see examples of your work?


Sure you can :blush:


I dont exactly understand how this works. Could you explain it in more detail?


Sorry I know this late I just got finished watchingg Skyscraper awesome movie btw. Depending on what you’re wanting I can send examples. I’m definitelynot an art scene artist though.


That’s okay!


So, if you’d like to make art for my giveaway, say so…it’s simple.




It didn’t really sound that simple but now I just feel stupid. I’d be willing to do it, though.




Whats your insta ?




I would love to