I got a problem

Now when I want to change something that I wrote and I delete the word something happens and I don’t know how to explain it…like it starts deleting others words that I don’t want to delete.
Like : “I want a dog because I love animals”
Now I want to delete dog a put cat but when I try to delete the word dog this happen:
“I want a catuase I love animals”
How can you see it deleted the first 3 letters of because

  • That’s just an example that’s not what I wrote

Is this a new update or is a bug?

That happened to me once. But by any chance while you are deleting the word, your script was saving? That could be the cause.


Oh, well that never happened to me before so I don’t know what else to say. I’m sorry :frowning:

That’s only ever happened to me when I hit the delete key by accident and then every letter I type overrides a space. Try pressing insert on your keyboard instead? Then it should “insert” a letter rather than overtake.

@Stella2003, definitely sounds like it’s caused by pushing the “insert” button on your keyboard, like @amberose said. Let me know if it’s still deleting words even after toggling the insert button, and I’ll see what I can to do help. :smiley:

(PS: Always wondered how that happened whenever I’ve had this issue, never could figure it out myself. Thanks @amberose for explaining it! :wink: )

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I got your back @Sydney_H :wink:

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