I got an overlay problem

Hello people. I got an issue on my writer’s portal and I have no idea whether it stems from Episode itself or it’s just me typing in the wrong code. My issue here is the fact that I typed in the overlay I want to use with the code that I thought was the correct one, but apparently, the error box on the left of my draft is telling me that I’m not specifying the syntax and all of that, even though I had already typed the coordinates on the code, so I don’t get it? Do y’all think it’s the overlay? Or am I making a mistake here? What’s even weirder is that I used the EXACT same code for other overlays and it worked out completely fine. I’m so confused. It’d be nice if someone helped figure this thing out and hopefully fix this issue as properly and as quickly as I can.

Here's the coding:

&overlay OPTTS M AND SE SPLASH TEXT 1 create
&overlay OPTTS M AND SE SPLASH TEXT 1 shifts to 40 60 in 1.5
&overlay OPTTS M AND SE SPLASH TEXT 1 to 1.774 1.774 in 0
&overlay OPTTS M AND SE SPLASH TEXT 1 to layer 1
&overlay OPTTS M AND SE SPLASH TEXT 1 opacity 1 in 1.5

Soooooo because your overlay has “AND” in it, your script it getting confused. You will need to reupload the overlay and change the name. for future reference, don’t use “THEN” in an overlay name either :grimacing:

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OMG!!! THANK you for telling me this!!! I didn’t notice it before. Thanks God you told me that. That explains quite a LOT, tbh. Loool

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No worries, glad I could help :blush:

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