I Had A Pustule On My Nose Piercing And I Popped It... Did I Ruin My Piercing?

So… I had a pustule on my nose piercing (I didn’t know what it was until after I popped it and started researching it. Stupid, I know) and I popped it. Heaps of blood came gushing out and the bit of skin that was popped was just… flapping about, I guess you could say? (:joy: God, I’m hopeless) And I have no idea if I’ve just made it worse. I couldn’t find anything on google about it, crazily enough. Would anyone help me out with this and tell me what I should do? (Please don’t come at me, I know I’m stupid for popping it, I now know you’re not supposed to do that)

Usually pustules come when the area of the piecing is infected.
I had one on my belly button where my ring was. I popped it with sea salt and water and a q-tip. It didn’t bleed bad, but it bled a little. So, I just ended up taking the piercing out.

I don’t think you ruined it, but I would advise to clean it with sea salt first and water and then you can use it. Or better yet buy a new one.

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