I had a writing partner but she gone so.. Anyone available?

I need a partner for a story I’m about to start!! It’s romance!!! Anyone! Please help :slight_smile:
Thank you!!

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Can I help?

I can help

i would love to help

Thank you!! :slight_smile: Have you ever written a story before?? And do you like romance??? (I wouldn’t want to force you into a genre you don’t like :slight_smile: )

Thank you!! What genre do you enjoy?!?! And do you have any writing experience??!?

Do you enjoy romance stories?! And do you have experience? And how often will you be available?!

And how often will you be available? :slight_smile:

And will you be available at least 75% of the time that I need you?

I do like them.
i´m available on weekends for sure and some days of the week too it depends.
i have a lot of expierencie with writing but not so much with coding.

Yes, I have published 5 stories so far and I’m working on my 6th.
I like all genres but I mostly write in Romance or Drama

Okay! well as you can see there are other people here… And I do want to give them a chance. So I was wondering if it was okay with you if I work with them while I work with you :slight_smile:

Okay thank you very much :slight_smile:

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sure! :slight_smile:

Okay :slight_smile: