I hate all of these cliche stories!

Why are there so many cliché stories these days?
I look through the romance sections: cliché stories.
I look through the drama section: cliché stories.
I’m tired of them! I know they can be different in the end, but the start of all of them is like I’m replaying one of them. No hate intended btw.
I just hate it, it isn’t original, and they didn’t really plan it; it was already planned for them.
Can’t you come up with your own idea, if you’re going to create a story? I know that lots of stories are new, interesting and original but everywhere I look, the top stories are (obviously) cliché!
It just annoys me, because the people who actually came up with the ideas, probably get no recognition. I just hate it.

Again, no hate intended. If this offended you, I’m truly sorry.
Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this. :roll_eyes::hugs:


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