I Hate Step____ Stories, Presented by I Hate Everything


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I know right, MCs falling in love with their stepbrother?!
I ain’t ever thought about marrying one of my step siblings :thinking:


Me neither. And I’d never even let the thought cross about sleeping with my stepfather.

… Wait.


Bahahahahahah :joy:


In all honesty, I can never tell how anyone comes up with these ideas. “Pregnant by my mother.”
Like… what? What? What and why?


Ugh pregnancy stories are probably my least favourite plot of them all :woman_facepalming:


They’re so redundant. Each story is just a recycled version of the last, with mildly different looking characters with different names. Everything else? Exactly the same.
I think the only three that I’ve throughoughly enjoyed are Silver Lining, My Pregnant Twin and The Pregnancy Game. Silver Lining is chock full of genuinely entertaining drama, my pregnant twin has the funniest characters (and a male MC, which I always appreciate) and The Pregnancy Game is just a wild ride from start to end.


Hmm the whole plot is just not for me :thinking:

  1. XD Nice title mate.
  2. Well said; that’s kind of disgusting.
  3. I saw this one story on YouTube made by an Episode creator… Okay, so, the craziness of social media is a well point made in that story… but USE THAT SOMEWHERE ELSE! Why would a girl love her sister’s boyfriend who has a baby girl with her sister? EW!
  4. Also, I agree- why are there so many step-sibing/step-parent stories on here? Why would somebody enjoy it? If they do enjoy it, I think they might have to see a psychiatrist…




Might? You mean do.

I agree with everything you’ve said. They just all seem to… toxic. Not to mention redundant.


I agree. I literally found two stories with the same name I got my step-sister pregnant. -_-


Don’t fuck your siblings, kids. It’s not worth the possibly mutated child you just might have.
Also, the weird looks you’ll get from anyone related to you.


XD I completely agree. Especially if you come from a Christian family, like me. That’s just… so… gross…




I just wanna say I fucking choked. :joy::joy:


I’m dead!!:joy::joy::joy:


If you don’t have a stepbrother, don’t come at me. I have a step brother whom is a BROTHER to me. I grew up with him and we share a half brother. So this whole thing is just really weird, awkward and gross. Those authors should understand how inappropriate it is even if you’re not related. It’s still wrong. I consider it a fetish honestly… A really really disturbing fetish.


If you grew up together, it’s pretty weird. My friend has a brother and a step sister who grew up together who dated and she said she found it bizarre, even though they aren’t related.

But if it’s one of those stories where they’ve just met and their parents aren’t even married yet, you’re literally shoving two unrelated teens who feel absolutely no familial bond into close quarters, so I don’t think it’d be unusual for one or both of them to catch feelings.
I don’t personally read those stories either way since they’re not really my cup of tea…


It’s like that one Morty from Rick and Morty that wished incest porn was more mainstream. Guess it came true here.